Interfacing Opto Coupler to SLC 1746-IB16 Module

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John McClintock

I would like to interface an Entrelec opto coupler to an Allen Bradley SLC 1746-IB16 input module. The module is a sourcing pull up to +24V to turn on input. The output of the opto coupler is an NPN transistor. I as thinking of connecting the emitter pin to the PLC input and tie the collector pin to +24V. When the opto turns on, the transistor should conduct and source 24V to the input. I think this would work. Does anyone see a problem doing this? An NPN transistor would normally be used for sinking an input to common.

Johan Bengtsson

If I understand your description correctly (and I suppose I do) then I don't see any problem at all.

/Johan Bengtsson

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