Interfacing Printer with a Light Signaling Incoming FAX


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I work in a stock room and would like request forms being faxed to signal a lamp to let me know, go find the part being requested.

Can a printer/fax machine act as an input for a lamp to signify incoming faxes? So that when the fax comes in the light can begin flashing. Telling me to check my fax machine.

What ways can this be done.

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You could either go old school and put a big magnetic bell across the phone line, or a voltage monitoring relay that closes a contact when it detects the ring voltage (typically 90vdc IIRC). Which would depend on your preference and how many REN (ringer equivalent number) your phone line will drive.
Here's an idea if your fax automatically prints out what it receives. We have a printer in our maintenance shop that prints work orders generated throughout the plant. There's a simple retro-reflective sensor mounted above the printer that's adjusted to see the paper in the output tray. When it sees paper, the sensor turns on a relay which controls a flashing light at the maintenance desk and a larger one mounted in the ceiling that can be seen throughout the plant.