Interfacing RSLinx Professional with wonderware Intouch


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Dear Automation world,

Well i need an solution from u all for one of my projects job i wanted to know that is RSlinx Professional V2.4 or greater can be directly
Interfaced with wonderware Intouch without any use of I/O server. since Rs-Linx Professional support fact DDE so it can acts as I/O server for
wonderware Intouch. Thus the above interface had done before by any or is it possible pls share your experience and suggest me the solution on
it .
You need to configure an OPC topic in RSLinx. Its also a good idea to set Linx up to run as an NT service so it automatcially loads and starts running when the PC boots. Make it a service, don't just drop it in the startup folder.
Its been done very often before. My only thought is that WW has a lot of IOServers for communications to AB PLC's (except a good one for the Control Logix). If the Control Logix is the PLC you are trying to com to, I would suggest using the TOP Server from Software Toolbox first. They claim they are faster than AB's RSLinx.

Trevor Ousey

It is pretty straight forward, set up topics in RSLinx, set up access names in Intouch. Note that RSLinx will be the IO server.
One concern is how you data concentrate the data.........I never can keep it straight but Wonderware uses "Packed DDE" and RSI uses "Optimized DDE" or vice versa.........

Am not sure if you use OPC if this applies and am not sure if RSLinx will "Optimize " communications and then the bottlenecks become between RSLinx and Wonderware.

The point is no matter the package used, you should "data Concentrate" your data between your HMI and the PLC to "Optimize " Communications.

AB processors create a packet for each PLC they talk to and then another for each data table accessed and then another for every so many words "talked" to within that data table..........example 100 integers on DH+ is a packet, 1000 words on ethernet, 5 floating points on dh+, 50 on ethernet, 33 timers/counters on dh+, 330 on you can bog down a processor quickly if you do not optimize, whether wonderware or RSI or another..............but the kicker is the comms between the HMI and the data server(RSLinx).........

Haven't followed on this lately as use only RSView and RSLinx and AB processors and pack all data into 1 integer file and 1 Floating point so a non issue for me...............

I did have a Wonderware project from a major paper industry equipment manufacturer, that was crashing WW using WW drivers on ethernet.......2 HMI's and 1 PLC.................I compared it to another project running with 4 PLC's and 6 redundant HMI's on ethernet all RSI, and the traffic on the WW system was 4-6 times the traffic to the RSI project (with a packet sniffer on ethernet) ......found that the "Engineer" of the WW system was grabbing data from all over the PLC data table with no ryme nor reason for his "data gathering" and when I made them "concentrate", they cut it in half (still too much in my view) in 2 days and were mad at me but learned a lesson that later became their "Standard"............

Can contact me offlist if more info is desired on this............

Dave Ferguson
DAVCO Automation "The Developing Application Value Company"