interfacing stepper motor with pc serial and parallel port


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N Kiruthik Kumar

i want to know the interfaceing of stepper motor with PC ....IC req to interface a stepper motor with pc both Parallel & serial port---
i need the circuit diagram and all possible things

Please anyone help me as soon as possible

Tushar Chaudhari

Mr. Kumar,

I know how to control a stepper motor using the parallel port, and i have studied a lot on the subject, plz send me ur info, i.e. from where, what r u presently doing and why u intend to control,or what is ur aim.
you can mail me on "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] for details. plz explain purpose and what details you requie.

Ive been teaching PC interfacing for 3 yrs. already... I know how to control a Stepper motors.

send ur mail to jerry-fu(AT)