Interfacing to a GE Speedtronic Mark II


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Kade Carreira

I'm trying to interface with a GE Speedtronic Mark II controller for data retrieval. Can anyone recommend a solution or a source of info. on the Mark II interfaces.

I have interfaced numerous Mark II systems to external devices, such as DCS, Dranetz, SERs, etc. What are you trying to communicate with?
I just had a customer ask me this morning about the Mark IV. Do they have a DDE or OPC server for them? He wants to bring the data into his InTouch system.

Richard Theron - FieldServer


You can use a FieldServer Bridge "": to connect GE Speedtronic Mark IV to InTouch (Modbus TCP/IP). The FieldServer bridge comes standard with a 500 point capacity, which can be upgraded to suit your needs. This solution will give you read & write capability.