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Gianni Franchi

Anyone worked with SmartCard?? I'm interfacing a microcontroller 8051 with a sync smartcard (siemens SLE4442). I've developed the ATR but now i need to know how communicate with the card and need to know if it's a I2C bus or whatever... Thank you
Can we exchange info?, because I have the sle 4442 datasheet but I want to develop a serial reader for this cards. Could we help each other ? What kind of info do you manage?
Hi, same with me. I´m too looking for information on programming I2C cards. Any help (code, links, resources) appreciated Thank you very much
I have developed a serial reader for the SLE 4442 but I have a problem with the verify PIN command (i think there is a problem in the decription of the command in the datasheet) i search for information about this command, in return i can help you to develop your reader hard and soft (compatible with I2C card) Ali. mail:[email protected]
Hi! Could you tell me where did you get the SLE 44422 Datasheet? I'm looking for it, but i can't find it. Thanks
I have the same problem, i can read but not modify the existing data... i'm working with pic 16F8x, so let me know if you have a datasheet, or code for interface this card to the pic. Thanks.
Giovanny ([email protected])