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Gianni Franchi


Anyone know how to filter or eliminate the interference generated by neon lamp ? here is my problem :
When the neon lamp turn on my electronic device such as microcontroller goes in self reset and sometime get damaged.
If i connect the neon lamp from another source, i mean not from the same power line of the machine it works fine, that seems the problem is not the radio frequence interference, but EMI.

Anyone know this kind of problem ?

Curt Wuollet

Is this a neon lamp or a neon sign. The lamps cause some hash as the voltage crosses the ionization potential. The signs operate at high voltage and generate much higher levels of hash ( 2x line frequency + harmonics ) An inline filter from any electronic component house should stop this at reasonable cost, but I would also check out the power supply for the microcontroller as that should have reasonable filtering for gaseous discharge hash. Surges, etc. often damage the filter components and this is your first clue.