Internal Bit (B) in Telemecanique TSX 17/1??


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Can anyone help me with internal bit? i'm using Telemecanique Tsx 17/10 plc? Can anyone give some explanations about internal bit (B) and
some examples...

Fernando Capelari

What are your difficulties? If you know the Modicon TSX Micro family (TSX37), which replaced the TSX17 family, the "B" area for internal
bits on the TSX17 is equivalent to the "%M" area on the TSX37.

Take care that the TSX17-10 is programmed with the PL7-1 programming tool, in the Instruction List language. Have you got the PL7-1 manual?
If not, let me know and I can send you an electronic version of the manual.

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The B operand is used as an internal coil. You would use these the same as any output coil except there will not be an actual real world
output. These are the same as the %M on the newer TSX family.

Internal bits go from B0 to B256. The first 128 internal bits (B0-B127) are saved after a mains power break (hot restart).