Internal Failure Message in Atlas Copco Air Regulator


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our Atlas Copco Air Dryer shutdown due to warning Message on electronikon part no:1900 0710 32
***Internal Failure***** 1
and when we press extra button (F3) for more detail about error
Flashing error message D 16 appear.

What the meaning the meaning D 16?
Please Advice me.

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Some advice from your friendly moderator for you and other who post questions that should probably be first addressed to the OEM or researched on their website.

When you have an error message or similar problem, often the best place to start is the manufacturers website. I just performed a quick search on the Atlas Copco website and found a link to what they call their print shop. They have a search feature that lets you search for technical documentation for all their products. Try searching for your model air regulator and read the documentation.

The url for the site is:

Peg Ferraro, one of your friendly moderators