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Greg McClemont

We are attempting to establish a network with Intouch version 7.0 and ethernet PLC-5's.
Having a great difficulty getting 7.0 to communicate properly - communications do not startup properly and have to be initiated manually through the menu bar (Initialize IO) and occassionally stop for no reason. This is not acceptable of course. We are stuck with 7.0 due to existing systems, licensing etc. Have checked all settings and believe we have it right. WW support says upgrade to 7.1 - would appreciate any other suggestions.
We are using InTouch 7.0 and ABTCP to talk to a piar of SLC505s and have had no problems in over a year. Make sure you go through the user manual with a fine tooth comb. There are changes to your HOSTS file that need to be made for example. What OS are you using? We use NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 since this seems the most stable. We also are running the MBPLUS I/O server on the same machines so multiple servers don't seem to affect it either. You can mail me off-list if you would like help troubleshooting.

Andy Ward
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You will need to verify that the HOSTS. file located in the Windows directory is set up to include all TCP/IP addresses for the computers and PLCs that are on the network. With out a BootP or DHCP server, the computer does not know how to resolve the TCP/IP adresses.

Good luck.
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