intouch, citect scada communication


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i want to access intouch 8.0 sp2 data in citect 7.10 scada and vice verse. any body can help me how can i do this? please help me. i do not want to access intouch field devices data through i/o servers, bcz it will load my network.. please suggest how can i connect intouch client with citect client for intercommunication.
if any body have solution of this problem please reply..i didn't find any document on internet of this. please reply
You could set up Citect as an OPC-Server, and Intouch as an OPC-Client, and so you could get the data out of Citect to Intouch.

I am not as familiar with Intouch but I think you should be able to do it in reverse.
can you send me the configuration setting? how to configure citect opc server for intouch opc client?