Intouch communicate with Yokogawa green series controller


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Duc Pham

I use modbus I/O server to talk to Intouch, but It doesn't communicate. If you have experience about it or know any software company have it, please tell me. I did try the one company in Australia but I don't like it because they use hard key for license.
Thank you
Hi Duc!

First of all, you did not mention in your post what protocol are you using to communicate Yokogawa with InTouch. Usually, the protocol will be your IOServer. As in Allen Bradley's DH+, they use 1784KT IOServer because the PC has an
installed KT (or PKT or PKTx) card inside the PC which has a DH+ (or DH-485) protocol. For serial protocol, they use DF1 IOServer. If you are unsure, try Software Toolbox website. They have a bunch of OPC servers and you can try downloading them first before buying. Regards.


I use the omniserver OPC program to send the command to the ykogawa unit (device) I use Intouch to launch or read values obtained from omniserver. It works very well. I use a PC, RS485 comm