Intouch DDE server to profibus FDL?


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Ralf Dedekind

What software is best suited to communicate with Wonderware Intouch and a Siemens Cp-5412 comms card as a profibus Master (using FDL and S5 PLCs)

If anyone has other ways to do this please let me know.
believe the software u need in not made by wonderware, its a 3rd party L2 driver by 'Softing'
i have used this for FMS before and believe it does FDL
You can communicate to S5PLC with L2FDL DDE server. the server will be served from wonderware I/O server CD and it is free. But, you should buy CP-5613 instead of CP-5412.
Contact wonderware engineer than you get communication with low cost.

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Jeonghan Kim
Hi Ralf

Did you consider using a OPC server instead of the DDE server you currently running/


Ralf Dedekind

Since the original question we asked about using a CP5412 card / and Intouch, we have implemented a solution by using a Siemens CP5613 card with a Wonderware L2FDLA2 Profibus server and this is a neat solution.