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Ken White

I am having problems getting Intouch to work with Lotus Notes. Outlook Express works ok, but I can not use it at my location. I have no problems
getting the subject and text into my Lotus Notes. I do have an issue getting the recipients name in the Send To: position.

Lynn A Linse

Double check that InTouch has tested their email with Lotus Notes - or maybe there's a config setting you need to use.

When I was adding email to a product, I was fortunate that the test site had Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes used "ESMTP", not SMTP. For what ever reason the condition used to separate the HEADER lines from the BODY lines was different. The result after my change was SMTP servers now added an extra blank line at the top of the body which is not in the ESMTP served emails, but it worked with both.

I doubt a user could solve this by your "API" to intouch - ask Wonderware tech support or double-check your documentation.


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