Intouch Historical Trending Freezes


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recently, our company migrate a plc5 to controllogix and the application, Intouch 11, was modified to read clx instead plc5. after this, some weeks later an engineer needed to consult the historical data trending to get some behaviors from the equipment. after a while, that he was consulting this screen in the intouch application, the application began to slow down the data showed in the historical trend and the application began to behave like it was freezing and later it just remain freeze.

the application, at first, was installed in the da server hard disk, and the intouch runtime computer is thru the ethernet network. so, what i have done is: have already changed the computer hardware, reduce the length of the ethernet cable until the computer was next to the da server, because the distance from the da server to the runtime computer is almost 82 feet, but it still acting the same way.

now I have moved the application file to the hard disk of the runtime computer, at first, starts fast and seems like this action would solve the problem, but get the same result.

the application begins to slow down and after a while it crashes.

any help or suggestion would be really appreciated.

best regards!!

my email is [email protected], in case some of you, experts, have any hint that could help to solve this issue.