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Marcelo Murta

We have an application based on the Wonderware Intouch SCADA that generates a ".LGH" file with historical data that we would like to read with standard software such as Excel or Access.
Is there any way to convert this file to a ".mdb" one?
Is the ".LGH" file format known to anyone?

Marcelo Murta
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Waseem Butt. Intech Process Automation I

Hi Marcelo,

Wonderware provides HistData utitity to extract data in Excel. You can find its object in Intouch standard wizards. You may have to write macros to read data in Excel. Intoch's help does provide sample macros and commands to read data in Excel.

Ravi Subramanian

You have 2 choices. Wonderware comes standard with Histdata. You can write scripts that can read the LGH files and write a CSV file that excel can read. All this functionality comes standard with Wonderware.
If you want more control, you can buy Wonderware's subroutines that will let you access the data directly. There are a bunch of other programs that Wonderware sells that will let you do this.
LGH and IDX are binary that are unreadible or accessable except with the Hist Data utilty.
The Hist Data utilty is provided by WW and comes with InTouch. For more look in the InTouch Users Guide Ch8 Real-Time and Historical Trending (HistData Utility Program) and Tech Note 91.

The simple way is using the HistData wizard that works off/conjunction with the Historical Trend chart.
One way to get over this problem is to config the alarm printer. In the configuration, disable the Print option. All the vents will be logged in an agl file. No. of days to retain the files can be decided by you.

Try using WorkSmart Automation's ReportBuilder with ODBC connector to Wonderware InTouch. You can download a 30 day evaluation for free. The ODBC connector serves up data to ReportBuilder Excel Add-in and you can build workbooks to report lgh data for dynamic time frames making it very simple to report hourly, daily, and monthly data straight from the .lgh files. Go to for more information.
As of June 2016, WorkSmart Automation has developed a new product that reads Wonderware InTouch .lgh files directly and can export the data to a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Features include:
* Open and read LGH files through an intuitive user interface
* Generate historical queries on the fly
* Export data from LGH files to Microsoft Excel
* Automate extraction of LGH file data
* Quickly and easily generate reports in Microsoft Excel
* Simplified process. LGH File Inspector doesn't require HistData or Wonderware InTouch software to run
* Very flexible licensing model

LGH File Inspector is sold through Software Toolbox.
Please visit or send an email to [email protected] for more information.