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Rob Beavan

Any of you guys know a cheap (i.e. free ) way of logging analogue values to either a dbf or csv file for later removal by disk to another machine and displaying through Excel. (i.e. Excel is not on the Intouch machine).

Take a look at Wonderware's Tech Note 91. Make the datadir to a mapped drive and then on the remote PC write Macros in an Excel spreadsheet to read that CSV file generated from InTouch. Or just open the CSV file in Excel.

Or use the filewrite script function.

Lewis Bodden

Yes. I know of several ways.
File Write
You can use a script to write to a file using the
FileWriteMessage(Filename,FileOffset,Message_Tag,LineFeed); function or the
FileWriteFields(Filename,FileOffset,StartTag,NumberOfFields); function.
Use FileOffset is -1 to append to the end of the file.
You can format the Message_Tag to include the commas and any other formatting you need.
You can use the HistData utility to extract data from the Historical Log files and save it to a CSV file.
Let me know if you need more help.

Gary Novosel

If you check your InTouch User's Guide documentation you will find a reference to the use of HistData, specifically references on how to write a macro/script to directly gather data into Excel from InTouch Trend data via HistData.

Gary Novosel