Intouch wonderware Ver: 7.0 - script error


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Using V7.0, I have attempted to copy a screen and then change the values of scripting behind 'ACTION' properties of buttons. An original example is below. Essentially, these scripts are used to select and load a recipe. Because space is running out, a new recipe screen select is required, hence the copying of original screen.
The original script:

IF Recipe_53_Name == "" THEN
Recip_com = "";
{Select a recipe}
Recip_no = 53;
Recip_number = StringFromIntg( Recip_no, 10 );
RecipeLoad("c:\intouch.16\martini\martini.csv", "SEQ", Recip_number );

All I have attempted to change in the script on the new pageis the number of the recipe, eg. from 53 to 103. (in fact by just opening the original script on the original page and 'OK'ing it I get the same error message.)
When I validate or ok, I get the error message ' Definetag Recipeload '
This is confusing me because RecipeLoad is a function?!?
Anyone able to offer asistance please?
Your current InTouch setup did not include Recipe Manager in the installation that is why it does not recognize Recipeload() as a function. Im not sure if you can install Recipe Manager independently, best way is to reinstall InTouch and check Recipe Manager.

Anthony Kerstens

If you don't have the RecipeManager module installed on your computer, then your copy of Windowmaker won't recognize RecipeLoad as a function and try to resolve it as a tagname.

Install RecipeManager on your computer.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.