Intrepreted Math and Logic Tags in FactoryLink ECS


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Brian Cleven

I am in the process of converting an old FactoryLink HMI to RSView SE. I've managed to find all the device tags in a file called SDKT_OVR.CDB but I have a bunch of other tags that are derived through logic--called IML tags. I have the list of all IML tags in the file IMLTAGS.CDB but it does not give the logic for them. In RSView you can just go into the Derived Tags section and view the formulas for all the tags but not so in FL? I went into the FL Configuration Manager and opened up the "Math and Logic Procedures" task hoping to see all the formulas there but it's completely empty. Shouldn't it be filled with all the stuff from IMLTAGS.CDB?

So, if anyone knows how to get this information please reply back, or email me or call me. I will be forever in debted.

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Why you use dBase files ?
You must use Configuration explorer.
All information about how and where IML tags operations you can find in IML procedures.
These proc files you can find in:
disk:\appl dir\user\procs
disk:\appl dir\shared\procs