Intrinsically safe Power supply units


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Iam looking for I.S. power supply units to power 2 wire transmitters located in class I , Div-ii area. I/O cards are "Non incendive". Plant philosophy is not to use barriers.But they are not powering the field transmitters. please let me
know make/model of I.S. power supplies.


If you truely are in a Class 1 Div II location, you do not really require an intrinsically safe power supply. You really only need a power
supply that is UL C1D2 rated. Phoenix Contact offers serveral different models of 120/230VAC to 24VDC power supplies that have this rating.
You could contact your local Phoenix sales person, or their main tech support at 1-800-322-3225 and I'm sure they would be glad to help you
select the model you need.