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John Midgley

Is there an IO server for VB to read IO?
Or as an alternative does anybody know of a cheap SCADA package?
You are in luck, there are about a zillion third party active x controls to drive any kind of IO you want. My favorites are the Parijat active x control for driving a GE Fanuc 9030 plc, and the opto 22 guys have a great package.

As far as scada goes, don't buy any, you don't need it. Do it yourself in VB, you will have better control much much higher performance, and your customers will love you because it will be license free, and they won't have to pay those ridiculously high prices for mediocre to poor performance. I have hundreds of these things running everything from injection molding, to automobile assembly, to waste water treatment, and high energy X-ray metrology.

Slawek Sztajerowski

If you are not standarized on Omron or AB and really want to save money without sacrificing performance you might take a look at Aromat products. Here is the address to the Aromat's Xcomm software:


They are not known in North America, however don't let it full you. Any VCR, DVD or TV made by Panasonic, Technics or JVC is made by Matsushita Electric Works. Aromat is simply Controls Division of Matsushita. Good luck.