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Does anybody know of an IO standard or model to help organize and address generic IO? Things that it should encompass would be, discrete bits in/out words in/out counters/timers/encoders analog in/out ascii data streams in/out etc..... Some modern network types such as canbus and profibus are headed this way, but don't cover the full spectrum of communications. And without some cohesive model users will find themselves learning a new set of operation parameters and sequences each time they pick up a device. A basic model might include operational states such as those listed below, 1. Not initialized 2. Initialized but not active 3a. Connected and transmitting or 3b. Connected and waiting 4. Disconnecting With a clean state description a very obvious model could be constructed. And, connections such as serial ports and networks could be exchanged with almost no effort. Any ideas would be appreciated. Hugh _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]