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hello dudes,

we are using Schneider's ION OPC server. the OPC client software (Kepware) will be pulling out data from this ION OPC. we have having a hardtime doing so.

ION OPC is well running w/o OPC client. the network is ok and per our understanding, there is a missing bridge between the two in terms of programming. have anyone tried this system combination? thanks to share your thoughts on this.

best regards,

Fred Loveless

Hi douger,

Can you specifiy what Kepware Product you are using. We have LinkMaster which is a bridging product and works and an OPC Client and an OPC Server. We have ClientAce which is an OPC Client Development tool. We also have our OPC Server with a SquareD driver that has been used to talk to ION Power meters however, typically our modubs driver is used with them.

Also, could you explain you incompatability issues in more detail.

Fred Loveless
Senior Application Engineer
Kepware Technologies