IP Address of Deltav Proplus

Hello everyone,

I am begginer in Deltav, and I have a question regarding proplus configuration. I have read somewhere that proplus IP address is fixed and it is not possible to change. The primary IP address is and secodary is When I started to configure proplus workstation after selecting type of workstation a new window opens in which there are 3 parts as following:

1)primary card title and current ip address

2) secondary card title and current ip address

3) available LAN card title and ip address

I want to know if available lan card IP address doesn’t conform above mentioned IP address, then I should change it to 10.4 or 10.8?

For example, in my case the current ip address for available lan card start with 169.254. Should I change it and then assign to primary card?

Thanks in advance
Ok, thanks for your reply. But just for more sure you mean that proplus IP address is not fixed one for all, and it will defined by Emerson for each station? Because as I mentioned before I read somewhere it is a fixed address for all proplus. It seems it is not correct, because in my case it is defined something different by company. Am I right?