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Meir C. Saggie

One takes a panel rated <whatever> (e.g., NEMA 4X / IP 65), cuts holes and mounts devices (e.g., a panel-mounted operator panel) rated the same. How is the NEMA / IP rating of the result defined / certified - assuming good workmanship and resp. manuf. instructions were used ?
You won't expect the workshop to "type-test" each particular panel after all!

R A Peterson

For UL listed control panels, the listing is still valid for the NEMA rating
if both the device installed in the cutout is UL listed for the NEMA rating
and the enclosure is as well.

So if you put a NEMA 4 UL lised Panelview through the door of a NEMA 4 UL
lised enclosure, the assembly is accepted as NEMA 4 by UL.

I don't believe UL recognizes IP ratings.

William L. Mostia, Jr

In the U.S., I believe that one way would be to have the panel modified in a Underwriter Laboratories(U.L.) listed shop to U.L. 508. See
http://www.ul.com/field/icp.html . Many users, however, accept by inspection with all components across the NEMA/IP boundary required to be
approved/listed to meet boundary requirements, i.e.. if it is NEMA 4 then the enclosure, any switches, lights, etc. are required to be approved for NEMA 4. Once in the field, any modifications would appear to make the certification a moot question.

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Kirk S. Hegwood

If the device being mounted to the panel is the same designation, i.e. NEMA
4X, and the enclosure is NEMA 4X, the rating stays NEMA 4X. If the device
is different, NEMA 1, the enclosure then becomes NEMA 1. UL 508A, Table A2
lists Enclosure Types and Openings May Be Closed By Equipment Marked.

Kirk S. Hegwood
Hegwood Electric Service, Inc.