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While procurring any Instrument we have to specify the IP Protection class

e.g. : IP 65

Can anyone let me know what does IP stand for and meaning of 65 ( what does 65 stand for )



James Ingraham

<P>IP 65 means dust-proof and protected from water jets. This is roughly something like NEMA 4.</P>

<P>What you are looking for is IEC Publication 529, which specifies degress of protection. A search on Yahoo for "IEC Publication 529" turned up numerous useful results. Arguably the most useful of these was from the Balluff website:
<A HREF="http://www.balluff.com/us/pdf/SECT-T/T016.pdf">http://www.balluff.com/us/pdf/SECT-T/T016.pdf</A></P>

<P>It gives the following information (edited):</P>

<P>The IP is a code identification.</P>
The first number means:
0 = no special protection.
1 = protected against a rigid sphere of 50mm
2 = protected against solid objects greater than 12.5mm
3 = protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm.
4 = protected against solid objects greater than 1mm.
5 = dust protected
6 = dust-tight and complete protection against contact.

The second number means:
0 = no special protection
1 = protected vertical falling water
2 = protected against vertical falling water drops when enclosure tilted at 15°
3 = protected against splashing water at an angle up to 60°
4 = protected against splashing water from any direction
5 = protected against water jets
6 = protected against powerful water jets
7 = protected from the effects of temporary
8 = protected from the effects of continuous immersion
<P>-James Ingraham<BR>
Sage Automation, Inc.</P>

Bal Krishan Gupta

IP ratings specifies the protection specifications of the instrument enclosures against the enviornmental. It consists of 2 letters. The first letter specifies the protaction from solid objects and the second letter specifies the protection against the liquids.

Now on to the question::---->>


the letter "6" specifies that the instrument is protected against DUST, Limited INGRESS, No harmful deposits over the Instrument.

The letter "5" specifies that equipment is protected against water sprayed from all direction, limited ingression permitted.

Bal Krishan Gupta
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