IR CO2 Sensor for High Pressures?


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Eric Kelner

Hi List,

I have an application that requires CO2 concentration of a gas mixture at high pressures (around 1000 psig). The IR CO2 sensor I'm using won't handle high differential pressures (line static pressure relative to atmospheric pressure). I've considered placing the sensor I have entirely within the gas stream, thereby
equalizing the pressure of the gas being analyzed
with the pressure imposed by the environment, but that's not that great of a solution either.

I don't really want to have to reduce the pressure
of the gas in order to analyze for CO2.

Do you know of any IR CO2 sensors that can
handle a high differential pressure (1000 psi flowing through the sensor and atmospheric pressure outside the sensor)?

Thanks in advance.

Eric Kelner
Southwest Research Institute GRI-MRF
San Antonio, Texas
[email protected]
Hi, I am from Telaire (, the company, making IR CO2 sensors. You can't put any known to me sensor (IR) under such a high pressure. It should be a custom design, but it seems not impossible to me. Give us a call and we will see if we can help you. All contact information is on our site, ask for Andrian - it is me.

Regards - Andrian