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Hi, my name is Feras Jarnaz, i'm a student in High Institute of Computer Technology, and i'm working at designing and implementation of glasses for blinds that uses the IR sensor as a detector of obstacles, and i'm confused about the best type in this application, and i'm using the ATMEL AT89C51 as a microcontroller, so if any one have any information about the type of the sensor and how to interface it with the microcontroller, i'll be very thankfull.
the most realible sensor i have already used to this kind of purpose is ultrasonic sensors. i am not sure about the realibility to sense obstacles if we use IR sensor, because AFAIK IR transmitter and receiver should be configured and located separated. whereas ultrasonic transmitter and its receiver could be united in one place. this configuration is more suitable for 'glasses' for blinds. CMIIW. interfacing, testing, and calibrating for ultrasonic sensor is more difficult than IR sensor has. there are standard-circuit on the web to interface to both sensors, as well as integrated devices to help interfacing easier. AT89C51 make us easier to develop with its peripherals and functionalities. I have a board with AT89C51 that has kernel capable of downloading binary-program from PC, no need external (eprom) programmer anymore!. regards, usd 2500 engineer