IR Thermometer on shiny objects


As IR Thermometers find their way on the plant floor, I would like to use them regarding their convenience and fast response times.

However, I am quite curious about the temperature readings on shiny objects. Ok, manufacturers have some recommendations but on the field I look for more practical as yet accurate solutions.

Due to process needs, I am not allowed to paint in black or cover with a tape, as well as I would like to have readings all over the body of the cylinder to prove uniform heat up.

Would you please share your experience, on how to tackle the problem of correct temperature reading (50-150C) on a heated 30cm dia cylinder of treated shiny metal.

Best rgds,

Peter Harvey

Measuring such low temperatures on a low-emissivity target is very difficult. Your measurement will be very susceptible to background reflections from sunlight, sodium lamps etc...

This will result in a very inaccurate reading.

This is why you need to increase the emissivity of your surface by painting it black or sticking tape on it.

There only other possible way to artificially increase the emissivity of your cylinder wold be to use a pyrometer fitted with an emissivity enhancer.

There is no other way to find "partical" or "accurate" solutions my friend - you are dealing with physics after all!!

Peter Harvey
Raytek GmbH.