Is ABB August Triguard obsolete? (Safety PLC)


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I would like to know if ABB August Safety systems is really obsolete from the market. I try to search over the internet but it seems no description/announcement is available, but somebody from the industry told me about this.
Does anybody have a Web site link about it?

Yes this part of the ABB was taken over by Rockwell Automation.
Rockwell has done some modifications in the hardware.
Today ABB is not keen in the field of safety.

Pete Mcintosh

This system is still easily supportable, parts are available as well as maintenance work.

If you contact me I can point you in the right direction for information on these systems.
ABB is still supporting installed August / Triguard Systems but it is not active product.

Contrary to your statement that ABB is not "keen on Safety", ABB are massive in SIS and particularly the logic solver elements (PLCs). They have the largest number of Safety System Execution Centres, certified by TUV, of any systems supplier. In addition, the HI Controller, part of the 800xA family of products is also TUV certified to SIL3, and fully integrates with the DCS offering.

Depending on the industry that you are working in (Triguard was mainly supplied to the process industries), ABB has several other certified hardware solutions.
I have quite a few pallets worth of August Safety Systems parts that were removed from service. If you would be interested in these let me know!

Please contact your local Rockwell Automation supplier for August Systems SC300E or CS300 parts. Please mantion ICS Triplex support if required.

All August Systems / ABB-August parts are supported and Supplied by Rockwell Automation. You can contact me at [email protected] if you need any support