Is an Automation engineer in India a Diploma Level or technician Level Job?


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Rushi Shroff

We all know India lags behind considerably behind in all Automation products design & development includes industrial automation.

Industrial Automation engineers in India are engaged in sales & maintenance of automation solutions outsourced from MNCs.

Is job of an Automation engineer in India merely 'Diploma level' or technician level?

Need your inputs.Thanks

Bob Peterson

I don't know what you mean by "merely".

Here a diploma might well imply a BS type degree which would typically involve more training than a technician level certificate of some sort.

There is no requirement here that anyone have any particular degree or certificate just to sell automation equipmnet. They are expected to understand whatever lines they are selling though.

The end user, OEM, or integrator is supposed to understand the application.

Rushi Shroff

Answer by Mr Dhandayudhapani Murugan,Head, Services Business Line at Metso Automation

In industrial automation, India has the same technology what developed countries have. When it comes to Design and development, there are lots of Indians working. your query is very generic. To answer your query regarding Automation Engineer, we need all category, ITI/Diploma/BE. Each one has a different role to play. When it comes to field instrument servicing, we need Technicians. For control systems, it can be Diploma or BE. In general, the ratio of Technicians to Engineers varies based on the instrument asset. 70% Technicians and 30% Engineers for process industry. In case of DCS/PLC vendors, most of them will be Engineers.