Is anywhere available S7 alternative for Simatic? (C, C++, Java?)


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Petr d

Hello, Im beginner (1/2year)in programming Simatic 300 (and 200). Im really frustrated of using S7 language for some tasks... I was programming in C, Java, VB but im feeling now beeing in year 1991 :).

Is it possible to get somewere a better compiler or enviroment ??
Siemens have a SCL software extension this extension its a high level compiler like pascal but unfortenely, the best aplications for a plc require a awl programs, the slc code its very large and some task its more easy to program in awl, try this if you dont have memory restrictions,
siemens ofer to 3 graphical envirmentes, graph, higrap and cfc, for programam the plc, this extension are adecuates for program sequences, state graphs and proces, you can trie this to
Just use SCL or Structured Control Language. It is an add on language to Step 7. It is a "Pascal type" programming style.

You can also look into the M7 CPU. Although I am not very familar with this- it is programmed with C (I believe) and you retain all the S7 I/O.