Is Droop Setting Fixed for Frame 5 GE Turbine When Machine Is Designed?


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I want to know about the droop setting of my GE frame 5 gas turbine which was earlier controlled by MarkV controller. Later it has upgraded to MarkVIe. It is possible whether its droop setting has been changed? Whether is a constant for all frame 5 turbines?

It's a variable parameter--best left untouched without a thorough understanding of the knock-on effects of changing the droop setpoint are. (They include changing the loading/unloading rates!) By convention in most parts of the world, the gas turbine for heavy duty gas turbines is 4%, while for most steam turbines it's 5%. Some hydro turbines are even "slower." It's somewhat a characteristic of the prime mover (not the generator), but there is some variability as well within types of prime movers.

Usually, droop is specified by the utility with which the turbine-generator will be synchronized, because it is used in stability calculations for the grid/network. So, changing the droop setpoint should also only be done with the approval of the utility.

If you could describe the issues you are having and why you believe the droop needs to be changed, perhaps we could provide some assistance/guidance.

Hope this helps!