Is knowledge on Testing useful in Automation??


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Hi All,

I am new to this website. But found it quite useful. I hope all you Control and Automation Engineers could help me out. I am stuck in a dilemma. I am interested in Testing. I want to make testing as my career. The situation is that I am an MSc Graduate in Communication, Controls and DSP from UK. I was intrigued by Control systems and specialised it. I have worked on PXi DAQ device manufactured by NI and have designed couple of Algorithms using Matlab and lab view software tool.

Now currently I am back in India looking for job opportunities in the field of Control Systems and would be attending training on PLC, SCADA and DCS systems since I have not worked on either of them. I am also interested in Testing. It would be quite helpful if any of you could kindly let me know if knowledge on testing could be implemented once when you are a PLC or a SCADA Engineer. What are the testing tools used in Automation Industries such as Honeywell, ABB, Yokogawa, Rockwell, etc.�? And if there are any training institutes based in Bangalore that teach the testing tools used by Automation and Control system Industries.

I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thank You,
Vinay Kumar

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