Is magento 2 secure against database leaks and such?

Hey, we are thinking in our company about switching to magento 2, we currently have custom made, but its a nightmare because something constantly needs to be fixed.. I wanted to ask is magento 2 secure against hackers and database leaks, password leaks and such? I know every pw is now after sha256 but what about leaks such as stealing order details or company details? We are in europe and that could cost us sue's if ever any company details would be lost
Security issues and stability and functionality are at the forefront of Magento developers. CMS developers include refinements to reflect new cyber threats with each new update. You can read about other benefits of this platform for large enterprises at . To ensure database security, it's important to regularly update the platform to the latest version and install any security patches containing patches for parts of the system that may have been vulnerable to attacks. Magento handles most attacks on its own.