Is Modicon 140 CPU 113 03 slow???

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Amir Ellenbogen

I have a little program in IEC that i load to my Modicon 140 cpu 113 03S. I use the Concept 2.6 SR1. In the program there are few simple calculation with real variables like linear transformation in ST language.

I download this program with emuq (I think that was the name...) Loadable and the scan time was 220mS!!! I download the program to Modicon 140 cpu 424 and there the scan time decrease to 30mS! I read in data sheets that in 113 03 and 113 02 there is no floating point processor and it claculate real with emulation.

my questions:
1. is there a way to make faster calculation of real variables in 113 03 PLC? If not so i think that tere is nothing to do with this controller and IEC's language...

2. why if i write a similar program on the same controller with LL984, the controller is very fast?