Is multicast used in BECKHOFF/WAGO via Modbus/TCP


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Johnny Tang

We use BECKHOFF BK9000 and WAGO ENET interface modules in our applications. To have better network switch managing multicast traffic, does anyone know if these devices use multicast for their ethernet IO controls?

Automation Linse

Just currious how one can tell from the data sheet multicast is used; it don't see reference to RFC 1112 or 2236 support (IGMP) required by most switches.

I think Johnny was asking about Modbus support via multicast - that would be interesting to see details on.

- LynnL

Automation Linse

Ok, I bit - searched the manual. Nice paragraph explain IP MC as a topic, says it supports it, but really no info about how to use. Also no info related to the original question (in the subject of this thread) on how to use IP multicast with Modbus/TCP. I am still curious about how one uses IP MC with the Wago and Modbus/TCP.

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- Lynn A Linse, (Ethernet-to-Serial Experts)