Is there a free ANSI-C Compiler


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Does anybody know where I can find a FREE ANSI-C Compiler? I am not interested on C++ but on the good old C.

Please help!!


Curt Wuollet

Why, GCC of course! The foremost C compiler in the world and the most popular. I'm sure there's a port to your platform. It's the native compiler for Linux and gets installed on most other UNIX systems and is used by a lot of developers on the dark side as well. If that won't do let me know, I have a list of other free C compilers someplace.


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James Ingraham

Of course, any C++ compiler can compile C code. Borland has released their C++ compiler for Windows to the public at "":
It's only an 8.7 MB download, which undoubtedly would be smaller if was C only, but it shouldn't really matter.

Of course, if you are on a Unix or Linux system, I would think it would be absolutely silly to use anything besides gcc.

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For what OS?

For DOS, Turbo C from Borland is hard to beat. Download it from their site.

I think that they have a free 32 bit command line compiler for Windows also.

Bill Sturm

Lynn August Linse

Probably the best product (& investment of your time) is to look at the GNU Compiler Collection or GCC:
- "":

It is available on many hardware platforms and even has some cross-compilers.

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Brian E Boothe

There are 49,400 listing on for FREE Ansi C Compiler's. you dont need A Compiler you need to learn about Search Engines!!!

Heinz-Juergen Oertel

Hello Brian,
I too like people to use search engines or mailing list archives before asking. But in this case, evaluating 49,000 entries is impossible, and a 'qualified' question is appropriate.


Vladimir E. Zyubin

Just a remark:

Alas, there are no more than 100 good links on "free ANSI C compilers" between the links. The word "free" is frequently used to get the traffic. So, in most of cases a consulting with specialists is more effective way than exploring
an info-garbage of blind-links. BTW, it is the reason why e-forums exist.

Best regards.
Vladimir E. Zyubin mailto:[email protected]
Linux will have both of those standard at no charge. My bet would be that you need a commercial library on MS platforms. Take a look at the linux router project.

i'm sorry to say turbo c does NOT compile in ANSI C. so if what you need is an ANSI C compiler like i do, DO NOT USE TURBO C. i have used the lcc as another said, but i had problem compiling my programs in some other compilers like linux's gcc...i'll keep looking....
The only ansi c compiler that I know of that should be free is GNU compiler also known as gcc, it comes with the Linux software and can also be found at many Unix sites. My college uses it on the Unix system. It is a full c/c++ compiler that can be told to do ansi only on the command line. I haven't tried to use it in Windows yet, therefore don't know if it will work in that environment. Good Luck!!