Is there code or standard for steam tracing?


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Is there exist code or standard about steam tracing in power plant?
I've searching internet all day but i can't find it. plz help

Roy Sjolander

I believe you want the NFPA 79, code book for industrial wiring. The new one comes out in 2011, though I don't know exactly probably can't find it online anywhere because I don't think there's a free shared least not that I've found, I've looked also.

bob peterson

You can read all the codes at the NFPA web site. But the mechanism used prevents you from copying and pasting any of the text.

I don't know of a standard, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

I suspect that requests for standards are frequently requests for the "basics of" whatever.

If the request is for basics of steam tracing, check out Thermon's web site:

and select "steam heat tracing" under products. The FAQ answers about 60 or 70 questions on steam tracing.