e had recently changed VCMIH2B with VCMIH2C , It came with Installation CD . BUT in our windows 10 64 bit its not supporting
can you some one help me with this ? this part number for this h2c cd received is DS221VCMI040100
What does the vendor who sold you the H2C and provided the CD say?

I imagine GE might have a newer version of the executable, but, it seems like you didn't buy the card and get the CD from GE. AND, we're not sure of the lineage of the HMI, either. If it's one of the new whiz-bang GE or Baker-Hughes HMIs you might try contacting GE or BH for help with this problem (it's worth a try anyway).

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that newer versions of MS-Windows (specifically ver. 10) have a "compatibility mode" which can be used for programs which were originally designed to run on older versions of MS-Windows. I have never personally used "compatibility mode" so I can't offer any insight or information about it. I just did a quick search of the World Wide Web and found several write-ups which looked pretty good. It seems you would most likely insert the CD into the CD drive (I imagine it will try to autoplay, so you'll have to deal with that). Once you can use MS-Windows File Explorer you can then right-click on the 'setup.exe' file and then click on 'Properties.' There will be a 'Compatibility' tab to click on. From there it seems you have to choose which version of MS-Windows you think the executable might have worked with--and for this I might choose Windows XP, since that was prevalent during much of the Mark VI product life. (You might have to try a couple of different Windows versions to get one that works.) There apparently might be some video driver choices you have to make. You might have to run the program as the MS-Windows 10 Administrator on the PC (you might need to know that password if you don't already). From there, it's kind of a trial and error thing.

One thing I want to caution you on is not to install a new version of Toolbox on your computer--I don't think you should have to, and it might cause issues if you don't need to and you do install a new version of Toolbox. I think all you're looking for is the "configuration" file for the H2C version of the VCMI card, and then you need to copy it to the location where the old version was located after you rename and/or copy the old version of the file for safekeeping/back-up purposes. There were some versions of Toolbox that could be installed alongside older versions of Toolbox, and there were some that couldn't--at any rate, if you do succeed in installing a second version of Toolbox you might find keeping the two separate and remembering which one to use a little difficult in the years to come as personnel change in the plant.

This is a do-it-at-your-own-risk SWAG (Scientific Wild-Arsed Guess) at what might be possible to get this older version of the setup executable to run on a newer version of MS-Windows.

Hope this helps! Please write back to let us know what you find and how you fare in resolving the issue!