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Stefani, Simone

I folk ! Can someone help me to find informations about alarms management according to ISA normative ??? Tanks in advance ! Simone Stefani Automation Dep. Romaco Zanchetta Tel. +39-(0)583-2171 Fax +39-(0)583-217317 mailto: [email protected]

Amora Fibrianto

go to isa web site....... or find isa your nearby library... find 'annunciator sequences & specification' isa has few alarm named a few : F3M, F3A and so on...... which one will fit your application ? maybe other list members, could give a more detailed regards amora fibrianto

Suresh Kumar Devapiriyam

The ISA standard ISA S18.1-Annunciator Sequences and Specifications-ANSI/ISA-179(Reaffirmed 1992) ISBN 0-87664-346-2-N defines the sequences like first out, ring back, etc. for an alarm annunciator. But I am not sure if you are looking for the above or something else. With warm regards D.Suresh Kumar