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I thought this was an interesting idea -- ISA is starting to offer short seminars using the web and telephone. The idea is that any number of people in a plant can participate and, at the end of the seminar, use the phone for discussion with the instructor. With time and travel budgets being a major hangup these days for going to conferences, does this sound like a promising

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The ISA Training Institute is offering a new series of 90-minute Web-based

The first seminar, "Is Ethernet Ready for the Plant Floor?" presented by Eric Byres, will take place on 31 May from 1-2:30 p.m. EDT. Byres will
discuss why Ethernet can work on the plant floor, how to make it work, and how to avoid making costly mistakes.

Participants can interact with the seminar instructor after the presentation. Participation requires a computer with web access and a
telephone, preferably a speakerphone. After registering, you will be sent course notes to review prior to the presentation. You view the live presentation on your computer screen while listening to the instructor over the telephone.

The seminar is available for $195 per site for ISA members ($225 for nonmembers). It can be viewed in an office, group meeting, or other venue
with an unlimited number of participants.

For more information about Eric Byres, go to To register for the seminar, go to

Dale W. Lee
Director, Education Services