ISaGRAF Pro on microcontrollers


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Ruslan Satlykov

Does anybody use, or heard, about porting the ISaGRAF Pro run-time (kernel) on the 16-bit targets? Some info, and links will be very
helpfull! Thank you!
Yes, we sell the ICP-DAS I-8000 unit which looks like a PLC, and programs with Isagraph. It has 10Mb ethernet onboard, and is very easy to
program using Isagraph. You can check it out at "" , and you can email me or call us at 1-800-328-6236 for pricing or technical questions. It has OPC, and ModbusRTU so it is very easy to communicate with as well.

Ruslan Satlykov

We have all information about using ISaGRAF, but it's very interesting for me to have info about isa kernel on small, low-cost targets. If
you want to read analog/discrete variables from running kernel, then you need to have a special access library, with wich you can read/write
any type variables.

Curt Wuollet

Hi Todd

The 8000 unit looks interesting as a home for MAT-PLC (Linux0PLC) or at least I thought so until I checked it out. Is there any hope for a 32 bit processor anytime soon?