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Hello guys!

i want to know tips on how to get data from ISaGRAF program through Wonderware InTouch, using system management console of Archestra + OPC server (Daserver , Fsgateway). i'm not sure about that. i want tips and advice.

thanks in advance
Hi Madara_inst,

Based on my understanding, you are going to connect a device that programmed/configured using ISAGRAF to Wonderware Intouch using DA Server.

please confirm?

Can you please more details what is the ISAGRAF based device you are working on (PLC, Flow computer, etc). what is the brand/maker? what is the type? what is communication channel type and communication protocol to be used?
Thank you for your reply

the device i'm using is a foxboro RTU (Foxrtu station) with Isagraf 5.1 version. all i want is to link that rtu with an HMI and read data and apply some commands, like opening a valve or closing it.

i know that i will be using an OPC for that (any opc will be ok whether Matricon or Kepserverex, etc.)

most important thing for me is to get the data displayed on an hmi with some basic commands .

in that RTU i'm using DNP3 protocol.

so any help will be make me happy
thanks in advance
but i don't find Isagraf right there. Do you have any example on how to use that with isagraf?
You can use Modbus variables in the RTU and use the DASMBTCP in InTouch to achieve the communication between the RTU and InTouch. You do not need additional software to achieve this communication.

In your programming in ISaGRAF you can then control the execution of the logic from the values of these Modbus variables from InTouch

... I hope it helps you
Isagraf has an OPCDA server. But how to connect that with an HMI? They don't even provide a manual
thank you for the effort. i really do appreciate your help.

at the moment i'm worried about how to get data from RTU itself. if i made it work fine with OPC server i will move to wonderware intouch. i want to figure out how to get data from RTU or isagraf. if you have any example about how to link Kepserverex or any other opc server with Isagraf or FOxrtu station, plz provide me.

thank you so much

the way to link KepserverEx or other 3rd party OPC Server with Foxboro RTU should be the same way with other PLC or RTU or DCS, that I send you previously. What you need to do is to learn the sample and try by your self. maybe you need some adjustment that you will find during your testing and experiment but I believe not much.