Isolation shock risk


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Craig Mayall

Do you know of a device which I can obtain to "lock-off" minature circuit breakers for domestic/commercial distribution boards. One of my chaps had a narrow escape recently when one of the elderly residents turned the breaker back on for the circuit he was working on. We use various types of breaker (Square D, Klockner Moeller, MEM etc, etc) upto 40 Amps and therefore require almost a universal type of device. I understand that one exists which screw clamps to the switch of the breaker and can be "locked" using a castell padlock thus preventing it being operated.

We have a similar issue with "Ottermill" Fuse carriers. I have identified a plastic lockable insert for MEM redspot carriers (available in RS components), are you aware of anything similar for our type of fuse carrier?
I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate any help you can offer.

Craig Mayall
Castell Iso-lok produce a range of lock-out devices for all types of isolator including circuit breakers/fuse holders by the manufacturers you list.

Send me your address and I will mail out a brochure.