Isolations During Off Line Water Wash GE 9FA


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Off line water wash is not automated in GE 9FA DLN2.0 gas turbines. there is a big list of isolation and tapping required to be done prior off line water wash and afterwards. One of the provisions raised in GE GEK 107122 is the following: "Close valves in all compressor discharge pressure transducer supply lines (AD-4)". in reality on site we disconnect all tubing (stainless steel with Swagelok fittings). the main fear is to introduce humidity in the sensing line of transducer and create problems in the start up. These transducers are located in junction box (compressor discharge pressure, differential pressure from purge lines of atom air, water injection, liquid fuel.) Can you share similar experience?

Operating a 9 FB, we installed a set of valves in the tubing of the pressure transmitters 96 CD 1A / B / C, with blocking and purging, to avoid the entrance of water. After performing several washes, Until now, we have not found water by purging the line. If you want I can send you a photo of the installed valves.