Jacking Oil Pump - Online Testing

Dear All,

We operate steam turbine 55MW in base load condition. Rotor weight is around 32000 kg. The jacking oil pump discharge is 130 psig and the line has PRV at 150 psig.

There is a question from our operation team, is it allowed to conduct online running testing of jacking oil pump?

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This is a question best asked of the turbine manufacturer, as they would have the best knowledge of the positives and negatives (pros and cons) of running the jacking oil pump while the shaft is spinning and producing torque.

I don't know how much lift the jacking oil pump produces, but when added to the oil wedge created in a journal bearing it might be enough to cause interference problems with the rotor and and turbine shell/casing. Probably not, but still a very good idea to ask the manufacturer to be as certain as possible of the correct answer.

(By the way, at your plant is a PRV a pressure relief valve, or a pressure regulating valve? Cause it can be either or both at some plants; acronyms and abbreviations can be the source of a lot of confusion and miscommunication.)