Japanese characters for Intouch


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Michael Kotarba

I am currently working in Japan with a customer who must have Japanese characters on my English version of Wonderware Intouch 7.1. Anyone has advice on how to employ Japanese characters other than having to purchase a Japanese version of Wonderware?

Michael Lemmond

I have created multi-lingual applications for Thai, Chinese, Japanese and English. There are 2 approaches, each with its own problems.

1) Use an OCX for most text. This has problems associated with the Wonderware ActiveX container.

2) Provide different sets of text for each language, setting the appropriate True-Type font. Set the visibility and text based on the
language group. You can store the text for each language in an external database or create a cache (i.e. External application).

There are several other issues you must address that are beyond this simple outline. For example, alarms.