Java and robotics control


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Chance Elliott

We have been using VB to integrating off the shelf robotic components into biological screening systems. We would like to convert to Java to exploit its multi threading, cross platform, and error handling features. Does anyone know of any resources out there relating to this topic? Any Java libraries to implement Serial, SCSI, or DDE communication? Many off the shelf robotic components come with their own active X controls, is there a way to call an existing active X driver from Java?

Scott Seighman

Chance, Several RTOS vendors offer Java stacks (and supporting drivers) for your requirements. These OSs provide the determinism you'll likely need. In addition, there are software companies that focus on automation markets that have developed Java-based control systems (Cyberonix). Java-ActiveX integration would likely be possible with products like JIntegra ( Regards, Scott

Oz Greenberg

Chance, There is a Java controls framework called ControlVisionJ which is used in the semiconductor automation industry, which may meet your needs. The company is Brooks Automation, and the ControlVisionJ framework (class library) is developed in Richmond, B.C. Canada. Check out We have interfaced to Java controls by wrappering a VB application with a TCP/IP-based protocol called EPICS. I wouldn't recommend closing the motion loop within the java framework, but if you would like to develop your control system in Java, you can integrate motion using the same approach. ControlVisionJ "speaks" CORBA natively, but there are COM-CORBA bridges available as well. The JIntegra route is another option, I concur.