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Hugh Jack


I am looking for opinions. -- I have been writing my basic Java programs so that they will run on a stripped down Java with just 'awt' and they
will run under Java 1 or 2 (with some deprecation complaints from javac). The ladder programming interface would be easier to develop (and more friendly) using 'swing'. But I worry about creating a programming interface that would only work on some Java platforms, and might not be
supported on some web devices. Please note that the 'swing' library is a basic install item if you download netscape communicator 6, but I doubt
that microsoft will put it into explorer. Does anybody have strong feelings, opinions, etc.?


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My vote: Go with the swing library. At this stage of the game we are still trying to
build interest and I think more interest will be built by having working proof-of-concepts than stuff that is compatible with everything (besides, we hate Microsoft ;-) but isn't working yet...

The counter-argument unfortunately is that we may be missing an audience by not being IE compatible. But minds open to a LinuxPLC are minds open to needing multiple browsers...

I wrote a character mode (non-graphic) ladder editor in Turbo Pascal for Dos 15 years ago and we still use it. I say this because down the line we could design a character mode ladder interface. Many display devices could accomodate that.


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Wallinius Mattias

No problem! For people with IE download Java SDK 1.3 and you will get the SUN Hotspot JVM installed. It work just fine. The problem comes when you will try to integrate with IE scripting and such stuff, at least I think so. I have not tested this yet so try it. Merely using Swing won't cause any problem with Hotspot.

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Curt Wuollet

Hi Hugh

Linux compatibility is all I'm worried about, Since MS seems determined to stand alone with a broken version of Java and now wants to migrate to C# to head off any chance of compatibility, I see trying to support them to be a waste of time. Essentially you need one version to support them and one version to support _everybody_ else. They are working against everything we are working for. I don't see them doing well in handhelds and web devices either. I think it quite reasonable to code for _our_ platform and if they can use it by installing Netscape or Mozilla, fine. Whatever other accomodations we might make they'll simply break in a version or two anyway. We're not shutting them out, simply avoiding proprietary extensions and favoring standards. There's no way of knowing how much of Java the web devices will support and this is changing so fast it's a moving target. Is there anybody besides MS that doesn't or won't soon support swing?